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Smoked Eel

We catch our eels from the estuaries and rivers on the east coast of England. We carefully manage our fishing techniques so we have a constant and sustainable supply year on year.
Smoked over beech chippings to give a rich, succulent flavour. Makes an excellent starter served with a salad. Best served at room temperature.
Our smoked eel will keep unopened in the fridge for approximately 2 - 3 weeks, or can be frozen for upto 3 months.
Smoked Eel Fillets

Smoked Eel Fillets

Size Price Qty
1 x 100g 100g £10.95
1 x 200g 200g £17.45
2 x 200g 400g £29.95
3 x 200g 600g £46.50
4 x 200g 800g £57.60
Smoked Whole Eel

Smoked Whole Eel

Size Price Qty
650 650g £28.45
900 900g £34.95

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