Nova Lodge, Sea Lane, Friskney,
Boston, Lincs, PE22 8SD
Tel: 01754 820262

Out in the boat

  • On the boat ready to empty the eel nets.
  • Lifting the eel nets into the boat
  • Another eel trap lifted with a few eels in.
  • Checking the traps hoping for a good catch.
  • A few eels in the trap.
  • Sorting the catch and throwing back the small ones.
  • One of our fyke nets.

Checking stocks and sorting

  • Eel traps hanging out to dry.
  • A pile of our eel fyke nets.
  • Loading eels onto the grading tray.
  • Grading the eels out for smoking.
  • Grading out the crayfish.
  • A signal crayfish.
  • A prime batch of eels selected for smoking.

The smokehouse

  • The eels are fitted onto rods so they can be hung in the smoker.
  • Into the smoker the eels go.
  • Loading the smoker up with eels.
  • The eels are hung in the smoker.
  • Checking the fire in the smoker.
  • A view inside the smoker.
  • Loading the boiler with crayfish.
  • Checking the crayfish in the boiler.
  • After a few minutes, the crayfish are ready to take out of the boiler.
  • A pile of freshly boiled crayfish.
  • The boiled crayfish are ready to be cooled down and packed.
  • The batch of eels are smoked.
  • A closer look of the smoked eels.
  • The eels take on a deep golden colour when finally smoked.
  • The smoked eels are took out of the smoker ready for filleting and packing.
  • A view of the smoked eels and the smoker.

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