Nova Lodge, Sea Lane, Friskney,
Boston, Lincs, PE22 8SD
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The Smoke House

All of our products are smoked using traditional methods to enhance the natural flavour. They are first cured using a little salt and then smoked using oak or beech in 'old fashioned' kilns to keep the process as natural as possible. All our products are free from artificial colourings, additives or preservatives.We have three kilns in our smokehouse for hot smoking and cold smoking, and a large boiler for the crayfish. The kilns were brought over from an old eel smokery in Holland.
Hot Smoking
Is used to smoke and cook the products at the same time. The foods are cooked at around 80°C for a short time, generally 2-3 hours so they are fully cooked, moist and flavourful.
Cold Smoking
Is a process that is done at around 30°C for a longer period of time, between 12-48 hours depending on the product. It is used as a flavour enhancer for foods such as bacon, cheese and salmon.

Smoked Salmon Slices

  • Our hand sliced Smoked Salmon Slices

    Our hand sliced Smoked Salmon Slices Dry cured using sea salt then cold smoked over oak chippings to give a delicous delicate flavour. Makes a perfect starter, 400g delivered to your door for £20.80.

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